Saturday, 20 December 2014


Who said that watching movies is waste of time and movies are tools of entertainment? 

Who said that  you need not question the existing system and blind beliefs? 

Who said that movies are spoiling the system and society?

          You need not  answer the above questions.. Just go and watch  PK.....  The stuff of the movie may be  already dealt in many movies  including recent Oh My God.....  If  it  is  the  case .. almost all romantic or love based  movies have similar  stuff  ... but  the way the director crafted the scree play and penned thought provoking dialogues make all the differences..

    The director knows  that he is handling the most sensitive subject and questioning the age old customs and beliefs and also bulls eye hitting of many  mass accepted religious  gurus..   Rajkuar  Hirani has chosen comedy as the cream of the cake  but  strong satirical , deep pinching   and thought provoking stuff as the bottom line.

     We are living in the Age of Reasoning and our education has to teach us to question everything and everything must be questioned. But unfortunately we become dumb when it comes to religion and God.  What is the purpose of Religion. It has to guide us to find the god within. Religion is a way of finding god within. It is rightly said Spirituality starts where Religion Ends......
     Everyone has to reach his home where he comes from...  Reaching the ultimate goal by finding the soul within is the end of the religion. Even in Kathopanishad the same essence is explained.
Raj kumar Hirani created a role for Aamir Khan as an alien who has to find the way to return to his  Home Planet.  The spirituality also says one has to find the real way of reaching his super soul where from he comes.  The middle men or God men who interprets the existence of god  either create fear  or desire  in people and encash it for their survival or dominance.
     Every Logic question asked by PK initially make the audience to laugh but ultimately makes everyone to think deep. Rajkumar Hirani knitted the character of Aamir Khan as an innocent, even with slang of Bhojpuri Hindi so that the questions that are risen against religion and existing trends may be taken as the questions of innocent person.
     Only three characters get sufficient scope to expose their potential Aamir, Anuskha Sharma and the God man Sourabh Shukla and remaining characters nothing to do much with their talent but supported the main plot of the film
   Aamir Khan proves once again why he is labelled  as Mr. Perfect. He is a versatile and incomparable to any Khans or Kapoors. You will definitely feel jealous of Kohli after watching this glamorous doll with apt action in this movies. The song sung by Sonu Nigam touches the strings of heart.
    Stop reading all these reviews of individual perceptions and enjoy the movie  start YOUR OWN journey of FINDING THE WAY TO REACH YOUR ORIGINAL HOME LAND  .....

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