Tuesday, 30 July 2013



Now a days It became a common feature among many of human beings that they always carry a self esteem more than require and fail to understand the difference between self confidence and ego.

Self esteem is always different from EGO........ But people they carry ego  by having a mask of self esteem.

What are the common features or Traits of a Person who has this Ego.....

1. Putting down Others:  These people always think others as less efficient than themselves. In their opinion others are unable to do even a common things.  They feel that others can do even small thing because they were once guided by them or taught by them. They always think that others  should know many things from them.

2. Self Glorification:  The people those who have this EGO always try to glorify themselves. They always think that they can do any work and often feel that there is no such opportunity for them to prove themselves. But actually when time comes they flee away from the situation without facing it. If they face it they try to push the responsibility on others.

3. Taking the Full Credit in Success:  They can never be a perfect team member. They always take the full credit to themselves if the team achieves any success.  They feel that the very existence of the team depends upon them only. They think that  team will exit if they leave it.

4. Dominating:  The people who have the EGO always try to dominate others. They exaggerate themselves and minimize others' abilities.  They never let others to come into lime light. They try to steal the show even though their contribution is very less.

5. Withdrawal Tendency:  They can not continue in the team if their ego is hurt or their ability is proved less than others.  They try to quit as early as possible or warn others that they may cause some harm to the team.  

6. Lacks Learning Attitude: These peole always think that they know everything which is required for them and they also feel that their knowledge is far superior to any other's knowledge. hence they never attend any refreshing course and even if they attend they dont pay any attention to learn.

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